VeeFriends NFTs Launches Physical Collectibles with Macy’s

Gary Vee's VeeFriends NFT project is now working with Macy's to release physical collectible toys in the form of plushies and vinyl figurines.

VeeFriends NFTs Launches Physical Collectibles with Macy’s

VeeFriends is an NFT collection created by Gary Vee consisting of different cartoon characters that send a positive message. Gary created each character to embody human traits like Entrepreneur Elf or Gratitude Gorilla, then released them as NFTs, and so far owners have received benefits like access to the VeeCon conference and a variety of community experiences.

The next stage of VeeFriends’ evolution is creating physical collectibles. On October 4, Gary announced in a tweet that new VeeFriends toys will be coming out - in the form of either soft plushies or hard vinyl figures. Each toy features one of six VeeFriends characters and will be sold at $24,99 each. Alternatively, you can purchase one of four smaller characters that come in a blind box at $9,99. The toys will be sold from Macy’s department stores under the Toys “R” Us brand, which was defunct until recently, and the VeeFriends website.

If you are a VeeFriends NFT-holder, you will get first priority to access the collection and also have the opportunity to join an NFT-gated video call with Gary. The toys will be available at Macy’s in-store or Macy’s and VeeFriends websites from October 17.

Gary Vee has described his desire to grow Veefriends into a global entertainment franchise to the scale of something like Disney. In order to make this happen, VeeFriends truly needs to reach a level of cultural relevance that can penetrate mainstream culture. If non-VeeFriends holders start buying these toys at Macy’s, this could help grow the VeeFriends brand.

As we have also seen from the Deadfellaz x Wrangler collab, these young NFT projects are making an effort to release physical products and connect with traditional retail brands. In addition to these new toys, VeeFriends is also partnering with designer Kim Shui to launch a VeeFriends x ‘Driven Dragon’ clothing collection. Will more physical products help grow a digital NFT brand? We will soon find out.