Topps NOW Aaron Judge Card Redefines Limited Edition Baseball Cards

Seeing Aaron Judge breaking MLB home run records in real time has caused Topps to launch limited edition card products.

Topps NOW Aaron Judge Card Redefines Limited Edition Baseball Cards

Baseball fans know that Aaron Judge has broken a longstanding home run record this season, which we wrote about here at Neustreet. On October 4, Aaron Judge hit his 62nd home run in the MLB season, breaking Roger Maris’ long standing record for the most number of season home runs in the American League. When that happened, card manufacturer Topps rushed to release an exclusive baseball card that captured the moment.

This card is the “Aaron Judge 62nd HR Topps NOW Card,” and comes in three limited editions that fans could choose from. There is a base edition card that captured the moment he hit the ball, a Gold Foil Collectors Edition and the Autograph Edition. The autograph edition features Judge’s signature and the gold foil came in a limited run of 62 cards. The last two were sold out online very quickly. The base edition was open for sales for a limited period until October 6, as the Topps NOW card products only sell for a limited time.

Topps has also released other limited edition cards tracking Judge’s milestones including one that featured both Judge and Maris’ faces on one card to commemorate when Judge tied Maris’ 61st home run record. Any major historical sports moment can generate sufficient fan interest and demand for companies like Topps to start building and selling products. And with the Topps NOW product specifically, card manufacturers like Topps are experimenting with more ways to limit supply.

For baseball specifically, it’s a good time to be a fan, investor or collector. With new records set by both Aaron Judge and Albert Pujols this season, the MLB is going through a very historical moment. And whenever something exciting happens in a sport, we can expect more trading cards, memorabilia, and other products to be produced!