StockX and Adidas Offer Golden Ticket Scavenger Hunt For Sneakerheads

The annual Adidas Members Week has been extended this year, with an Adidas x StockX collaboration to release Golden Tickets being increased through a fun new scavenger hunt.

StockX and Adidas Offer Golden Ticket Scavenger Hunt For Sneakerheads

Adidas Members Week is always a good time for sneakerheads to get exclusive access to special product drops, rewards and more. This year’s members week was from September 30 to October 6 but Adidas have announced that they are extending the celebration for the entire month. This year they are partnering with StockX to host a scavenger hunt where you stand to win a ‘Golden Ticket.’ This collaboration to offer Golden Tickets has happened in the past and been accessible through the Adidas CONFIRMED app.

These Golden Tickets give you exclusive access to product draws and the chance to win the hottest sneaker drops this season. Over the last few weeks, StockX and Adidas hosted a surprise scavenger hunt that featured people having to follow certain clues and tasks hidden on their respective websites. Winners of the Golden Tickets were guaranteed wins on all the sneaker raffles hosted on the CONFIRMED app for the next 30 days.

This is a fun, promotional tactic Adidas has used before, and deciding to add a new scavenger hunt element might mean that Adidas wants to expand this concept of the Golden Ticket. Winning sneaker raffles can be pretty difficult, so the idea of a Golden Ticket will definitely be appealing for many customers.

It’s interesting to note the difference between Adidas’ relationship with StockX when compared to Nike’s relationship with StockX. Nike is actually suing StockX, alleging that they are knowingly selling fake sneakers. This may come from a matter of leverage. As cool of a brand as Adidas is, the Nike drops and raffles on the Nike SNKRS app are in much more demand than those coming from Adidas.