Stadium Goods to Sell Luxury Custom-Made Sneaker Safes

Stadium Goods and Farfetch have partnered with safe maker Döttling to create luxury sneaker safes.

Stadium Goods to Sell Luxury Custom-Made Sneaker Safes

If you own high-end sneakers and consider them some of your most prized possessions, you will know the importance of storing them safely and in appropriate conditions. Now Farfetch and Stadium Goods have worked with safe specialists Döttling to create beautifully designed custom Sneaker Safes.

The limited edition cases are handmade with a choice of either a calf-leather case lined in neon-hued Italian alcantara or one made of cow-printed fur. The cases feature brass hardware and durable wood frames to last forever with air vents that gently let the air in to keep your shoes in mint condition. LED lights light up when you open the case. The cases can only be opened via the owner's fingerprint and a motion-activated alarm to discourage thieves.

These safes are for true sneaker connoisseurs as the cheapest version starts at $33K for the calf leather case and the most expensive version costing $37K for the cow-printed fur case. Döttling will be customizing the safes to the owners’ specifications that include bespoke embroidery.

While the sneaker safes might be seen as a gimmick, the product landscape of safes, vaults, and any kind of containers to keep your sneakers (or other valuables) secure is growing. If Stadium Goods, as both an online and offline retailer for sneakers, streetwear and more, starts making their own safes then it might encourage other companies to do something similar.