Sneaker News Launches Web3 Collector Club

Media brand Sneaker News is now launching a 'Collector Club' to bring their grassroots sneaker community closer to the world of NFTs and Web3.

Sneaker News Launches Web3 Collector Club
Source: Sneaker News Twitter

Sneaker News, a popular sneaker media outlet that provides daily coverage of the most coveted sneaker releases and the newest sneakers on the market, announced on March 16th that they're launching the Sneaker News Collector Club.

The company listed one goal for their new endeavor - “to connect with the community in the emerging web3 space.” Through blog posts, social media, and a growing Discord server, Sneaker News is looking to bring their sneaker community into the world of NFTs and Web3. To join the club, you must own one of the free Sneaker News Collector Club Membership Card NFTs. There are only 9,000 available NFTs, which are being minted and raffled off on March 30th. Other planned NFT projects include the SNKR FRENS NFT collection and the BRICKS NFT. More news will be announced over the coming months.

The sneaker world hasn’t always been friendly towards NFTs and Web3, but that has been changing over the last few months. The NFT company RTFKT has released several NFT sneakers and was recently acquired by Nike. Adidas bought a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT to potentially use as a virtual mascot, invested in NFT company Yuga Labs, and created partnerships with several other NFT projects. We have also written about Puma’s efforts to bring their company deeper into the Metaverse. With this latest Sneaker News announcement, now NFTs might become a bigger part of the grassroots sneakerhead community.