RTFKT x RIMOWA Drop Luxury Phygital Luggage In Latest Collab

The latest phygital drop from RTFKT is luggage and worker bots, the output of their collaboration with luxury luggage brand Rimowa.

RTFKT x RIMOWA Drop Luxury Phygital Luggage In Latest Collab

Rimowa, the LVMH owned luxury luggage brand has teamed up with RTFKT, the Nike-owned digital fashion startup on their first ever Web3 collab to drop a luxury phygital luggage set. The Cabin Luggage comes with RTFKT NFC tags already embedded in the physical suitcases that are linked to specific RTFKT NFTs.

Made from high end anodized aluminum to ensure longevity, the Rimowa suitcase features a “Wandersmith” Anti-FUD pattern print and is made to be strong and lightweight. The design of the suitcase also takes inspiration from the RTFKT aesthetic. Much like the process of previous RTFKT drops, people could mint NFTs of the suitcase that then allow them to ‘forge’ the physical products at a later date. The drop took place on October 27 and according to the Rimowa website, “NFT holders will be able to redeem/forge the Cabin Luggage at the Forging event whose date is still to be announced.” They also announced that “NFT holders will be able to download licensed wearable 3D models of the content at a later date.”

For those who wanted to access the RTFKT x Rimowa mint there were two live draws and only those who won could gain entry–the draws were for the Worker Bot NFT character and for the actual Rimowa Cabin Luggage NFT. Both require a wallet with a minimum amount of ETH. Those who won the draw were only allowed to mint one item within a limited time. There were 2222 WorkerBots, each priced at 0.07 ETH (approx. $100) and 888 Cabin Luggage pieces, each priced at 2.0 ETH (approx. $3000).

The mint happened on October 27th and while you could definitely consider it a success, a lot of people took to Twitter to complain about the minting process. Their biggest complaints were the long wait times for the mint, confusion around the raffle process, and an exploit that allowed people to buy more NFTs than their allotted amount. Overall, the NFT drop generated lots of excitement and there has been significant trading volume around the RTFKT x Rimowa collection.

RTFKT has been one of the leaders in the NFT space when it comes to physical-digital products, and Rimowa is an exciting addition to the RTFKT ecosystem. Let’s see what comes next as RTFKT gathers more brand collabs and also teases their upcoming ‘Animus’ project.