Reebok x Panini America Are Releasing An Allen Iverson Collection

Reebok and Panini America are bringing the worlds of sneakers and trading cards together in honor of NBA Legend Allen Iverson, releasing a collection of exclusive shoes and cards.

Reebok x Panini America Are Releasing An Allen Iverson Collection

It’s not everyday that you see a collaboration between a sneaker brand and a trading card company! As we believe here at Neustreet, the worlds of sneakers, cards, and NFTs are coming together. And so Reebok is now announcing a collaboration in footwear and apparel with Panini America.

The collaboration centers around Allen Iverson, the former NBA star best known for playing for the Philadelphia 76ers, and Prizm basketball cards. While Iverson was active in the NBA, he was one of the most popular players in the sport and famously wore Reebok Questions. He maintained a close relationship with Reebok and in 2001, he signed a deal with the footwear company that still pays him today and includes an interesting clause that will pay Iverson $32 Million from a Reebok-created trust fund when he turns 55.

Panini Prizm cards are some of the most popular cards released by card manufacturer Panini, especially their basketball product. Many of the most expensive basketball cards ever sold come from Panini.

Three sneakers are being released in this new collection - two Question Mids, a “Tiger Prizm” and a “Black Pulsar Prizm”, as well as a Question Low “Rookie Signature Prizm” that features blue uppers to honor the legend’s rookie team colors. The “Tiger Prizm” has striped overlays across white leather uppers and the “Black Pulsar Prizm” nods to the flashing lights surrounding Iverson’s career. Panini is also releasing a limited number of up to 100 pairs of the “Blue Dazzle Prizm” Question Mid to reference Iverson’s time with the Denver Nuggets, but this set is only being gifted to friends and family.

In addition to the shoes, a pack of limited edition Panini x Reebok Allen Iverson trading cards will come with certain purchases. Each card includes photographs of Allen Iverson, with some including Iverson autographs and Iverson-worn patches from his jerseys.

The sport of basketball is the connection between Reebok and Panini, as both brands have created many of their products honoring and inspired by basketball players. The collection is being launched globally on November 4 via the Reebok website.