PWCC Expands Vault Service For Collectors, Now Including Sports Memorabilia

PWCC is increasing their vault offerings to include sports memorabilia, which comes on top of new software and services PWCC has been building specifically for collectors.

PWCC Expands Vault Service For Collectors, Now Including Sports Memorabilia

In order to cater to the needs of collectors, PWCC is expanding its vault services to include new collectible assets. PWCC will soon provide appraisal and vaulting services for authenticated sports memorabilia. This sports memorabilia to be stored at their vault in Oregon will now begin to include game-worn jerseys, sports equipment, and other forms of memorabilia.

As PWCC seeks to improve their offering to collectors, part of their vaulting service also features software for individual collectors that allows them to track their portfolio of assets and receive real-time updates on valuation. Clients of this vault can view their portfolio stored in Oregon through the PWCC app or web experience. This service is similar to trading card vaulting that PWCC opened up four years ago.

As the overall collector/investor experience evolves and gets more sophisticated, clients will demand more services from companies like PWCC. Vaulting isn’t just about storing collectibles, but also involves all the other value-add services like portfolio tracking software and financing. PWCC is competing in an increasingly intricate market of different collectibles companies that offer vaulting and needs to stand out.

PWCC has been growing steadily since they launched its own marketplace in 2021 and the assets stored in their vault are now estimated to be more than $750 Million. Prior to launching their own marketplace, PWCC was dependent on listing products on other marketplaces like eBay. The number of players in the collectibles vaulting market is increasing, both in terms of and the range of different collectible types. Like PWCC, many collectibles companies will look towards setting up their own marketplaces and building out their own proprietary services for collectors.