Pace Gallery Partners With Art Blocks On New Generative Art NFT Drop

The generative NFT art project QWERTY from artist Tara Donovan is the latest collaboration between Art Blocks and Pace Gallery's Pace Verso NFT platform.

Pace Gallery Partners With Art Blocks On New Generative Art NFT Drop

Pace Gallery is a contemporary gallery based in New York and Art Blocks is a digital art NFT platform that works with some of the most respected artists in the world to create Web3 projects. Pace Verso is the NFT arm of the Pace Gallery, a platform for minting, exhibiting, and collecting NFTs. The latest project from Pace Verso is a collaboration with Art Blocks called QWERTY that features the first ever NFT project of artist Tara Donovan.

The collection is made of 500 different generative art pieces that come from 26 different letters and 30 different symbols. You might recognize ‘QWERTY’ as the arrangement of letters on the top left side of your typical keyboard. The theme of the collection is ‘type’ and has been described as follows, “Each NFT in this series depicts rhythmic, mesmeric arrangements of a single, repeating letter or symbol represented on computer keyboards.”

The collection launched on October 10 with the first 56 customers to mint any one of these NFTs promised to receive an archival pigment print from Tara Donovan and Pace Verso. The physical presentation of the NFTs is scheduled to take place at the 2022 Frieze London art fair, which takes place from October 12 to 16. You can find the pieces on the Art Blocks website and some of the proceeds go to charity.

Art Blocks is quickly building a reputation as one of the premier Web3/NFT platforms for digital art. By partnering with Pace Gallery and exhibiting at Frieze, Art Blocks is becoming an even more legitimate part of the art world establishment. And a generative art NFT project like QWERTY should inspire even more artists to consider NFTs.