Nike x RTFKT Release CryptoKicks Virtual Sneakers

RTFKT has released a new collection of NFT virtual sneakers--'cryptokicks' based on the Nike Dunk Silhouette and with a set of accompanying artistic skins.

Nike x RTFKT Release CryptoKicks Virtual Sneakers
Courtesy of RTFKT x Nike

NFT digital fashion brand RTFKT was acquired by Nike in December of last year. RTFKT had been creating a variety of physical and digital products like NFT sneakers that came with a real life pair of sneakers for the NFT owners. With Nike patenting 'CryptoKicks' and other virtual products several years ago, we expected Nike and RTFKT to eventually create something at the intersection of NFTs and sneakers. Last week, we saw the birth of the very first Nike CryptoKicks.

Earlier this year, RTFKT dropped NFTs called 'MNLTH', a mysterious digital box with both RTFKT and Nike branding. RTFKT provided people with 'quests' to learn more about what might be inside the MNLTH. If you had previously owned one of RTFKT's CloneX NFTs, you received a MNLTH for free.

Last week, the holders of MNLTHs were able to 'open their boxes' and mint new NFTs. Each MNLTH holder received a virtual pair of Nike Dunk sneakers, a skin vial, and a MNLTH 2 box. People were able to receive one out of eight possible skin vials that they could then use to customize the virtual sneaker with unique artwork. The MNLTH 2 box remains a mystery so far, though it's likely going to lead to future drops and unboxing.

This first collection of skin vials is called EVO X, eight different designs based on the eight 'DNA' variations of the CloneX NFTs, which includes one skin made by Takashi Murakami. RTFKT has told people to expect new skin collections in the future from a variety of artists and creators. They also described 'upgrades,' 'powers,' and 'evolutions' coming soon. RTFKT has created a new class of virtual sneakers that serve as a creative canvas for people to customize with artistic 'skins.'

While this announcement didn't explicitly describe that people would be receiving physical versions of the sneakers, it might be part of the future product roadmap. Everyone who has owned RTFKT NFTs in the past has been taken on an interactive journey. By owning CloneXs, you received space pods, loot pods, MNLTHs and this latest release has taken things to the next level. The RTFKT NFT ecosystem continues to grow.

It's a wild time for sneakers, NFTs, and the evolving world of digital fashion. With Nike, the world's biggest sneaker brand, and RTFKT, one of the world's hottest NFT brands, working together--we are excited to see what they do next.