Nike Drops Free Sneakers by Drone to Promote the Air Max

Nike combined sneakers and emerging technology through a campaign with JD Sports to promote Air Max.

Nike Drops Free Sneakers by Drone to Promote the Air Max
Source: Adweek

Nike recently found a way to combine new and popular technology with sneakers through a promotional campaign with JD Sports. Nike surprised sneakerheads by offering a giveaway with a twist...

Nike decided to have its newest sneaker collection literally drop from the sky. Throughout the last weekend of February 2022, Nike used a drone to drop free new sneakers to onlookers. This "drop" took place on the rooftops of JD Sports LA and NYC store locations. Sneaker fans entered the giveaway by signing up on the JD Sports App. Winners were randomly chosen from the pool of submissions and delivered a free pair of sneakers via drone.

This innovative campaign was created to build hype in customers for an annual sales promotion and give back during a time of supply chain issues that prevented sneakerheads from obtaining their desired shoes. Due to the ongoing pandemic and its associated supply chain/global trade problems, Nike has seen demand continually exceed supply.

Company executives insist that the situation will improve in the next quarter of this year, according to a recent earnings report. In the meantime, the company has continued to innovate for its fans through a variety of projects that don't rely on global trade/supply chains, often related to involvement in Web3.