The NFL Launched Card-Themed NFTs for 2022 Draft

The NFL dropped card-themed NFTs in anticipation of its 2022 Draft featuring all 32 of the league’s teams.

The NFL Launched Card-Themed NFTs for 2022 Draft
Courtesy of NFL

America’s National Football League (NFL) is no stranger to NFTs and has dropped several projects since the craze began. Mid-November 2022, the NFL launched its own Flow Polygon-based marketplace to explore Ticket Collectibles through NFTs, furthered its NFT involvement with collections designed to commemorate Super Bowl LVI, regular season games, and play off games of last season. Most recently, the league launched NFTs for its 2022 Player Draft.

For this year’s draft, the NFL dropped card-themed NFTs in its “2022 NFL Draft” collection, which is currently live on the NFL’s NFT marketplace. Featuring all 32 of the league’s teams, the collectable assets themselves resemble playing cards, and are offered at a quantity of 52 NFTs per team, all selling for $52 apiece. The collection dropped April 25- 3 days later prior to the draft’s kickoff, and minted on the Flow blockchain, unlike the NFL’s previous NFT drops, which had been minted on Polygon.

The NFTs themselves were marketed as “virtual commemorative tickets” and transacted by Ticketmaster, but they didn’t grant owners access to the Las Vegas draft event. Divided by conference, the site’s UX allows football fans to explore the details of all created virtual commemorative tickets, or drill down to those that remain for sale. While the NFTs are all originally listed for $52, many 1/52 mints are for sale at much higher prices, as seen by the ~192% price markup for the first Buffalo Bills 2022 NFL Draft NFT to be minted, now listed with a $9,999 sales price.

The league’s decision to continue pursuing NFT projects shows their conviction that NFTs are the future of sports memorabilia and collectibles. By launching a variety of different offerings, the NFL may be able to engage football fans who are hesitant towards traditional cryptocurrency. Every time NFL fans are exposed to NFTs, their familiarity with the concept is broadened, and they’re more likely to accept them as the future of sports memorabilia.