New DC Hybrid Trading Cards Link Cards With NFTs

DC launches physical trading cards with linked NFTs on their new Hro app, bringing a new immersive physical-digital fan experience.

New DC Hybrid Trading Cards Link Cards With NFTs
Source: Stockhead

Playing card company Cartamundi Group and Warner Bros./DC Comics are launching DC Hybrid Trading Cards this month. Fans of DC characters like Superman and Batman will soon be able to download the Hro app, a mixed physical-digital platform featuring hybrid NFT trading cards of DC heroes and villains. Players can collect, trade, and buy these assets in an immersive app experience.

By using Hro, people can own physical trading cards with corresponding NFTs minted on the Immutable X blockchain. Special and exclusive content will also be associated with ownership of these DC hybrid trading cards. Each card will come with a unique QR code that links the physical card to its digital version on Hro. The app then becomes a broader platform for fan engagement, with gamified challenges, fan rewards, DC memorabilia, and more.

It's interesting to see the developing intersection of physical trading cards with NFTs. Superhero trading cards are less popular than sports or Pokémon trading cards, but the fanbases of superhero franchises are massive and passionte. With already existing merchandise and content, fans can consume entertainment and own products. If DC can pull off a sleek fan experience with rewards that crosses over between physical and digital, this might enhance what it truly means to be a fan of heroes like Batman and Superman.