New Data On Top eBay Sellers Includes Trading Cards

Recent data from Marketplace Pulse listed the top global eBay sellers, with four trading card sellers coming in the top 100 after selling millions of cards.

New Data On Top eBay Sellers Includes Trading Cards

What are the top sellers on eBay actually selling? According to data recently released by Marketplace Pulse, four trading card sellers are listed among eBay’s Top 100 sellers in the world, having sold over 2.6 Million cards over the last 12 months.

COMC Consignment has sold 847,000 items over the last year and 4.4 Million items over the last six years. Greg Morris Cards has sold 785,000 items over the last year and 5.7 Million since 2002. Probstein123 has 566,000 in sales over the past year and 3.9 Million in sales since joining eBay in 2005. Burbank Sports Cards has sold 426,000 items over the last year and 5.4 Million since 2005. Combining these four sellers, they have sold over 19 Million trading cards in their lifetimes on eBay - which is likely a mixture of different sports and non-sports trading cards.

Of course, eBay is not the only place to buy, sell, and trade cards. While eBay is still the biggest online marketplace for cards, plenty of sales come from other websites, personal dealings online between buyers and sellers, offline physical retail stores, and more. If the card industry continues to grow, we could see more card retailers on future lists of top eBay sellers.

We at Neustreet recently worked with Sports Card scanning app CollX to publish findings that have estimated the size and growth of the trading card market. While there is no single research report that combines all data points, this latest data from Marketplace Pulse and our own work with CollX hopes to paint a clearer picture of the trading card industry.