Hugo Boss’ First NFT Promotes Positive Mental Health

Hugo Boss is partnering with Web3 company Imaginary Ones to launch a set of NFTs that seek to promote positive mental health for Gen Z audiences.

Hugo Boss’ First NFT Promotes Positive Mental Health

As we see more fashion brands beginning to embrace the Web3 space, the latest to join is major fashion house Hugo Boss. They are partnering with Singapore-based Web3 company Imaginary Ones (IO) to launch a new NFT collection. The collection is titled “Embrace Your Emotions,” which promotes positive mental health. This HUGO x IO collab specifically comes from the HUGO brand, which was split off from Hugo Boss earlier this year to focus on Gen Z consumers.

This is the first time Hugo Boss is launching an NFT collection and the project aims to improve the psychological well-being of Gen Z audiences. Hugo Boss is releasing 1001 3D-animated NFTs that are centered around the five human emotions of love, rage, joy, fear and sorrow. The message behind these NFTs is that people should feel comfortable expressing their emotions and that whatever they feel - ranging from positive to negative - is completely valid. To access these NFTs you must be on a whitelist that features 500 spots available for people who have purchased a specially branded Hugo ‘phygital’ T-shirt and 500 additional spots reserved for holders of the original IO NFTs.

Although the main drop is scheduled for sometime in November, a special auction for a ‘legendary character’ NFT that features all 5 emotions took place on October 10, World Mental Health Day. 100% of the auction proceeds will be donated to a mental-health charity focused on young people aged 13-17.

The NFT space is still very young and there are no playbooks on how major brands should approach an NFT collection. Seeing Hugo Boss experiment through a collaboration with a Web3-native company to promote positive mental health is an interesting template that could be adopted by more brands in the future.