Goodwill Launches Online Resale Marketplace GoodwillFinds

GoodwillFinds is the new online resale marketplace launched by Goodwill, which will provide both classic thrift store products and also higher end footwear, fashion, and more.

Goodwill Launches Online Resale Marketplace GoodwillFinds

You could consider Goodwill, the well-known non-profit network of thrift stores, one of the original reseller marketplaces in the country. While Goodwill is generally associated with low-cost, cheaper clothing, it’s interesting to see that they are now launching their first online marketplace called GoodwillFinds.

GoodwillFinds will offer vintage and secondhand designer clothing and is the first time Goodwill has created an online platform for resale. The number of resale platforms across clothing, footwear, and collectibles is increasing and Goodwill is looking to capitalize on that trend. GoodwillFinds will offer not only apparel, footwear, and accessories, but also plans to include items from higher end luxury labels like Gucci and Prada. The more expensive items will include authenticity guarantees. Sales generated from GoodwillFinds will also be funneled back into the parent Goodwill non-profit that pursues social causes.

As we cover extensively on Neustreet, the number of online marketplace selling collectibles and cultural assets continues growing every single day. While Goodwill isn’t a company you would think of in terms of high-end cultural assets, their new online marketplace is already listing collectible sneakers that you might expect to see at a hot footwear store.

Whether you plan to buy from eBay, StockX, or another online marketplace, Goodwill Finds is going to be a new option for you. And as marketplaces continue to compete in order to survive, perhaps Goodwill Finds can offer customers a unique angle that others cannot.