Drake Spent $200K On Sports Cards To Find A Grail Card

World famous rapper Drake spent over $200K on sports cards on his search for a Triple Logoman card, bringing more attention to sports cards.

Drake Spent $200K On Sports Cards To Find A Grail Card
Source: Clutch Points

On March 15th, Drake posted a photo of fourteen 2021 NBA Panini Flawless sports card boxes on Instagram stories. Each box, containing 10 cards, sells for around $15,000 - meaning Drake possessed $200,000 of unopened NBA cards. It was an exciting moment to see someone so famous publicly express their interest in sports cards.

Drake added the caption, “on a triple logo man hunt,” referencing the Triple Logoman card that contains three NBA logo tags from players’ jerseys. Many believe that there are only five of these cards in the entire NBA Flawless set, making it an incredibly rare card.

Given that a Logoman card featuring Zion Williamson, one of the most hyped-up prospects since LeBron James, resold for $233,700, the consensus is that a Triple Logoman card would be worth around the same. Furthermore, the prestige that comes from Drake owning the card could drive the card’s market value even higher. As sports cards become more prominent collectibles, having celebrity fans like Drake will help generate more overall interest.

Part of the vision of Fanatics Trading Cards is to grow the trading card market by making them more relevant within popular culture and influencers. One major way to do that is through influencers, like the world famous rapper Drake. Listen to Fanatics Trading Cards’ CEO and former StockX CEO Josh Luber discuss his vision on our previous Neustreet X podcast episode.