Balenciaga’s Re-Sell Program and Secondary Market

Balenciaga has launched a new international "Re-Sell Program" that allows people to sell their pre-loved Balenciaga items back to the brand at favorable prices.

Balenciaga’s Re-Sell Program and Secondary Market

Balenciaga recently announced a concierge resale service in partnership with Reflaunt, to offer customers the highest payout on the market for used Balenciaga items they wish to resell.

The "Re-Sell Program," lets customers drop off their pre-loved Balenciaga items or have them collected, after scheduling a pick-up on Balenciaga's website. Once the products come in they will be authenticated, priced, and photographed before being listed. Reflaunt is currently working with 25 resale platforms where the items will then be listed. Customers have the option to either take a cash payment or redeem in-store credit offered at a 20% higher value. This can be used at its New York City flagship and across 14 other Balenciaga locations including London and Paris.

Balenciaga is not the first to offer this type of service as we have seen other luxury labels and retailers such as Alexander McQueen come up with similar programs. Resale programs such as Balenciaga's might be very helpful for customers in the currently strained economic conditions and also help build more customer loyalty.

Balenciaga products are hot not just within the fashion world but within the broader resale game, with many Balenciaga items garnering some of the highest resale prices when compared to many other fashion brands.