Deadfellaz NFTs Collaborate With Wrangler Denim

Denim brand Wrangler is working with NFT project Deadfellaz on a digital comic strip and launching 20 'phygital' Wrangler jeans with a variety of attached experiences.

Deadfellaz NFTs Collaborate With Wrangler Denim

As we begin to see more fashion brands embracing phygital experiences that combine both the physical and the digital, the latest example comes from denim brand Wrangler partnering with NFT brand Deadfellaz in order to create a Web3 spin on denim.

The two companies dropped their first project, a digital comic strip based on a choose your adventure interactive storyline that was created by The Horde, the Deadfellaz community, and illustrated by the artist Leon Lee. The comic was revealed on September 26 and features a story of a hero saving her friend from poachers. People who interact and participate in the story also win a chance to win limited edition Deadfellaz x Wrangler apparel.

The first actual phygital merch drop from Deadfellaz x Wrangler will be 20 vintage Wrangler jeans, each fitted with an NFC chip and in collaboration with LTD.INC. Each pair of jeans comes linked to an NFT of the final comic strip, along with original Deadfellaz artwork, exclusive digital content, and other community benefits. So a pair of jeans will now be recorded on the blockchain and come with accompanying digital experiences through an NFT.

Wrganler x Deadfellaz have put together a well thought through partnership. It’s Wrangler’s 75th anniversary this year and it’s clearly an opportunity for them to explore the frontiers of technology through a Web3 lens. For Deadfellaz, the NFT project can stand out by doing something truly unique and moving closer to more mainstream audiences. Despite some of the recent turmoil in NFT markets, let’s see how collaborations like this can help inspire the future of physical + digital fashion and new types of fan interaction.

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