Collectors Inc. Announces $100M Funding Round

Collectors Inc. recently obtained $100 Million in funding, resulting in a $4.3 Billion valuation.

Collectors Inc. Announces $100M Funding Round
Source: Collectors x Allie Mac

Collectors Inc. is a platform created to help collectors pursue their passion by providing authentication and grading services for collectibles, tools to help collectors conduct research, and providing a marketplace for collectors to buy and sell their assets. Recently in a new round of Founding, Collectors Inc. raised $100 Million at a $4.3 Billion valuation. This valuation comes after the company has grown a substantial amount in the last year. Collectors Inc.’s revenue has increased over 100% in the last year alone.

The company credits its quick growth to the strong demand for their authentication and grading services and growing marketplace sales after its acquisition of Goldin. The recent round of funding, which was raised by existing investors, will be used to invest in new technologies to offer a better experience for their users. Regarding this round of funding, Collectors CEO Nat Turner said “Our vision has always been to reinvest via technology and capacity expansion into our brands and simplify the collecting experience through innovation. As a long-time collector, I’m personally passionate about the industry, and have been thrilled to be a part of its overall growth the last several years. We’re going to continue focusing on improving the customer experience and providing the trusted tools that every collector needs.”

With this new round of funding. The company has also made an announcement for the launch of a secure vault and collection management service that will allow collectors to easily submit their assets for authentication and grading, then be able to transfer those items directly into a secure 11,000 square foot facility. From there collectors will be able to see and manage their collection online. With this fundraise, there's yet another huge billion dollar company exploring collectibles. And that's a great sign for the overall industry.