Azuki x AMBUSH Drop a Limited Edition Phygital Collection

The Azuki NFT collection has launched a limited edition phygital collection of hoodies and pendants with Japanese brand AMBUSH.

Azuki x AMBUSH Drop a Limited Edition Phygital Collection

A few weeks ago we wrote about Azuki auctioning the most expensive skateboard ever which sold for $400,000 in an auction that fetched $2.5 Million in a sale of eight skateboards. The 24k gold skateboards were what Azuki called PBTs or “physically backed tokens” that owners can link to their NFTs. A few days ago Azuki announced a newer venture, a partnership with streetwear fashion brand AMBUSH, to bring us a limited collection of hoodies and pendants.

AMBUSH is a Japanese brand that started as an experimental jewelry line. They have collaborated with many big brands in the past including LVMH and Nike. With this collection they have created 2 hoodies that are modeled after the AMBUSH WORKSHOP series. The hoodies feature Azuki’s PBT, the same one that was featured on the skateboards, and a personal stamp with AZUKI’s red IKZ. The IKZ is AZUKI’s rally cry which means “let’s go” in Japanese. The pendants come in silver and gold.

The chip allows users to scan it using their phones to get their physical sweatshirts. In this way they can also mint the PBTs and transfer ownership to the new owner’s wallet. As we saw with the skateboards the function of the chip is to also enable tracking of provenance on the blockchain. The collection was released in a raffle on November 9 on the Azuki website where users pay for slots in the raffle with Ethereum. They will announce the winners on November 11.

Azuki is making continual advancements in projects that combine fashion and Web3 technology. We are seeing more and more NFT communities like Azuki make an effort to bring benefits to their community in physical products.