A Complaint About Moldy Air Jordan 1s?

A recent launch of the Air Jordan 1 High "Lost and Found" has many buyers complaining of mold attached to the shoe.

A Complaint About Moldy Air Jordan 1s?

Nike’s Jordan brand has been working to resolve complaints after shipping orders of the new Air Jordan 1 High “Lost and Found.”

The shoe is a reiteration of the original Chicago colorway that first came out in 1985. This year’s iteration is a vintage-inspired look with a worn out leather effect on the upper. It comes with a weathered box, and a throwback receipt to complete the look.

The problems around this launch started when shoppers were having issues with glitches on the SNKRS app. When orders started to be delivered, some buyers found that the sneakers had mold on them. One twitter user tweeted that “various retailers are sending back Chicago AJ1’s due to this mold issue & Nike is canceling pairs that have this as well.” Nike has responded stating that they are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it. They also confirmed that the number affected is less than 1% of the items produced, which was further confirmed by most retailers who said there is nothing wrong with their stock. The importance of the storage and packing of sneakers is highlighted in our Learn article about how to become a reseller.

The Air Jordan 1 High ranks amongst the most popular and highly coveted sneakers in the Nike family. Given the hype surrounding the shoe, it is unlikely that this issue is going to have any major impact on the brand and orders of the shoe.