Sneaker Apps: How They Work And Which Sneaker App Is Best For You

Sneakers have attracted some of the hottest designers and inspired artistic collaborations. Read this article to learn about sneaker apps so you can cop a pair of your own.

Sneaker Apps: How They Work And Which Sneaker App Is Best For You

Sneaker Apps - How To Start Your Sneaker Journey

Finding a good sneaker app is the first step in becoming a sneaker collector. With the right tools and resources, you won’t have to wait in line, run from store to store in search of a limited-edition sneaker, or face the frustration of never finding that pair you really want. But there are many options out there, so you’ll want to evaluate each to find the one that works best for you. Here’s a rundown of the leading sneaker apps and what they are best for.

What Is A Sneaker App?

Sneakers are wildly popular. On average, Americans aged 25-34 spend $456 on footwear each year. In 2019, Americans purchased 2.47 billion pairs of shoes. The advertising market for these shoes amounts to $14 billion annually and is expected to increase to $18 billion by 2025.


Before technology advances, when a new release came out that was expected to be popular, you’d have to wait hours or even days in line to get a pair. But today, most transactions happen online via raffles and promotions. Finding limited-edition sneakers is still challenging because there are so many people who want the same sneakers.

You can reserve those limited edition sneakers online and then pick them up in-store. Global monthly downloads for sneaker apps were approximately 7 million in 2021, signaling that this is the future of buying and selling sneakers.

Using apps, you can purchase sneakers from retailers and buy and sell from other sneakerheads.


Retail Sneakers

With a $100 billion marketplace for retail sneakers that’s growing annually, some retailers are getting involved in sneaker apps to locate buyers during special releases.

But a big consideration for downloading a sneaker app is actually to make a profit off finding a limited edition or hard-to-find sneaker in-store and then reselling it on the app for more. Some resellers wait until the initial release is complete and things have settled down a bit to resell the sneakers when you can’t find them from retailers.

You might have no interest in the sneaker collection and instead, care only about making money off sneakerheads and their passion for finding limited edition sneakers.


Secondary Market For Sneakers

The secondary market for sneakers is growing. Estimates show that the resale market is worth $2 billion in North America but it’s expected to grow to $30 billion globally by 2030.

Sneaker resale profits could be just $50 or as much as $1,000 or more depending on how rare the sneakers are and how much you paid for them. Apps tend to have enormous markups on shoes, but there are still people willing to pay for them. That’s because these collectors are serious about completing their collections and might not have the time and flexibility to go all over town looking for the sneakers.


A typical resale profit is $70-$100 on more standard sneakers. It takes something pretty rare to get enormous profits from your sale. Or, you’ll need to find extremely rare sneakers from someone who doesn’t know what they have and is willing to sell them to you cheap.

How Do Sneaker Apps Work?

So you’ve been searching for information about sneaker apps – how do they work? We’ve got answers to help you understand how to maximize the usefulness of the app.

Using an app allows collectors to set alerts and learn about newly posted shoes. They also provide an opportunity to contact sellers, make offers, and purchase shoes online.


Sneaker apps are essentially e-commerce platforms specifically designed for buying and selling sneakers. On these apps, buyers can filter by their interests, budgets, etc. to find precisely what they are looking for based on their collection and its needs.

Another feature that sneaker apps offer is news, releases, photos, and videos from other users and an opportunity to interact with other collectors.

Reselling Sneakers

Sneaker reselling is when someone purchases sneakers from a retail store or other resale store and then turns around and sells them for a profit. This began to grow in popularity 5-10 years ago as people found creative new ways to take part in e-commerce.

Some sneaker resellers make $10,000 per month while others make far more. Although a controversial figure, Benjamin Kickz is an example of a sneaker reselling entrepreneur. He claims to have made $1 million on reselling sneakers on in 2016.


Sneaker Auctions

Sneaker auctions allow collectors to place bids on a pair of sneakers they want. The auctions work a lot like eBay where users can keep increasing their bids until the auction closes and the winner is selected based on the highest bid.

Resellers can decide whether to list a pair of sneakers at a flat rate or open an auction to try and get the most possible for that pair of sneakers based on demand.


Sneaker Raffles

Sneaker retailers might run a sneaker raffle during a new release. This allows everyone who wants a pair to enter, but then awards winners based on the shoe’s inventory. So if there are 100 pairs of shoes and 1 million entries, each user has a 1 in 10,000 chance of winning the opportunity to purchase the shoes. Your chances of winning all depend on how many pairs are up for grabs and how many people enter the raffle.

Raffles aren’t about winning a free pair. They are your chance at purchasing a pair of limited edition or otherwise rare shoes.

The best way to win a sneaker raffle is to get your friends and family involved. Ask them all to enter to increase the likelihood that you’ll get a chance to purchase the shoes.



StockX is a Detroit-based online marketplace for reselling clothing and sneakers. As the platform grew in popularity, it has slowly shifted into focusing more on sneakers. In 2020, StockX added an electronics resale marketplace and has continued to expand into other collectibles.

Dan Gilbert, Josh Luber, Greg Schwartz, and Chris Kaufman founded StockX in 2015. Today, it has more than 800 employees and is international. It grew out of Campless, a sneaker resale website Josh Luber founded in 2012.


StockX is an online marketplace that helps connect buyers and sellers. This marketplace holds bids and asks, however, there is no time restraint for the sale to be finalized. A sneaker’s sale is only finished once the seller chooses which buyer has the best bid and it takes a percentage of the sale value as the fee. Thanks to its stock-market-like pricing, it shows historic pricing for an item to inform buyers.


Using StockX, you can purchase sneakers, streetwear, designer handbags, and watches from other sellers. In 2019, the platform sold its first initial product offering of 800 pairs of black and red slides directly to the public in conjunction with influencer Ben Baller.


Deadstock Items

Deadstock items are those that are still in their original product packaging and have not been worn yet. These items are authentic and not knock-offs. You might also find some sneakers that come with accessories from the original packaging.

All sneakers sold on StockX are deadstock items. However, you might find some items that have been laced due to being tried on in-store or might have extremely minor manufacturing defects. They should have little discoloration thanks to being stored properly.

Shoes on StockX must conform to stringent rules and regulations to pass verification and be permitted to be listed on the platform.



StockX works hard to ensure all shoes are authentic before approving the listing. The seller does not receive its money until StockX verifies the shoe is credible. However, although this online platform tries to prevent fakes being sold, some companies like Nike have claimed that fakes have been sold on the platform. If StockX does suspect the sneaker you were trying to sell was a fake, a refund is issued to the buyer.


Eddy Lu and Daishin Sugano founded the GOAT app in 2015 after frustrations with purchasing a fake pair of Air Jordan 5 Grapes. Sugano was disappointed with the phony shoes and wanted to prevent others from experiencing the same disappointment.


He founded the GOAT app to prevent counterfeits or fake listings where the purchaser never receives goods after paying for them. Today the platform has 30 million members and 600,000 resellers in 170 countries.

The company is based out of Los Angeles. In 2021, the app was valued at $3.7 billion. As you’d probably guess, the app gets its name from the phrase “greatest of all time.”


Some leading brands that you’ll find on GOAT include Air Jordan, Gucci, FoG Essentials, Yeezy, Supreme, Off-White, and Balenciaga. In addition to sneakers, you can purchase T-shirts, bags, outerwear, apparel, hoodies, bottoms, and jewelry.

You can learn about upcoming new releases and view a timeline history of sneaker releases on GOAT.

Used Sneakers

GOAT allows sellers to list their used and defective sneakers, unlike StockX. It will authenticate the sneakers before shipping them to buyers. This can allow collectors to get their hands on some rare shoes that might no longer be available.


Nike SNKRS is an app focused on sneaker drops. You won’t find other brands on the app and everything is new, not used. Sign up for new releases and learn when a new type of shoe will drop. You’ll also get access to a variety of other content and materials, such as stories and drawings.
You’ll want to sign up for SNKRS Pass to get access to reserve sneakers and enter drawings.



The app is solely devoted to Nike sneakers. You won’t find other manufacturers or accessories or other goods. If you want to purchase other Nike gear, you’ll need to get the Nike App.


To take part in raffles, you’ll need to be a Nike member and use the SNKRS app. When a drawing opens, you’ll get a mobile notification if you’ve opted into these notifications. Click to access the drawing once it opens as soon as possible since they are only for a limited time. Choose the shoe and size you want to participate in the drawing for. You can only enter for one shoe and one size per drawing.

You’ll need to input payment information when selecting what interests you because you’ll then be charged if you win the raffle. If you’re selected, Nike will email you information about your purchase. You can return the shoes if you later decide you don’t want them. Your chances of winning a raffle will vary based on how many users opt into the raffle.

An Outstanding Tool for Sneakerheads

Whether you’re working to build a collection or sell it to other sneakerheads, you’ll find the tools necessary to do so through a sneaker app. These apps facilitate buying and selling and can help users filter to find the specific shoe they want.



Q: Is the sneakers app legit?
A: The SNKRS app has a 4.8 rating from 608,000 reviews. It requires authentication and new shoes come directly from Nike, making them authentic.

Q: What does the SNKRS app do?
A: The SNKRS app allows you to participate in raffles and drawings for new releases of Nike sneakers. You can also read up on upcoming releases.

Q: What are the chances of winning a SNKRS draw?
A: The odds of winning a drawing on SNKRS varies based on how many users participate in the drawing, but approximately 750,000 users are participating in the drawings. However, it is not a numbers game for SNKRS draw, each account has a score and it’s based on a variety of random factors.