Vincent Van Dough Curates Latest Fake Rare Pepe Art Collection

Vincent Van Dough Curates Latest Fake Rare Pepe Art Collection

Famed artist and NFT collector Vincent Van Dough is curating a new collection of NFT artwork inspired by the famous Pepe the Frog meme. The artists involved include some of the biggest names in the digital art space, including Raf Grassetti, Grant Yun, Matt Sczcur, Zaid Kirsey, ACK, Claire Silver, and ROBNESS. This is part of an ongoing Fake Rares series, with the first piece in this latest collection released on Friday, July 1. Over the entire month of July, two pieces of artwork in the form of digital trading cards will be released on a daily basis throughout the week from Mondays to Saturdays.

Fake Rare Pepes are an evolution from the famous internet meme of ‘Pepe the Frog.' Pepe the Frog was a cartoon character first created by artist Matt Furie and has since evolved into a broader community with common lore, cultural artifacts, and cryptocurrency projects. Pepe the Frog spawned a movement of Rare Pepes, digital collectibles people were creating and trading. And then Fake Rares came as the next project, with several artists creating their own digital Pepe-inspired pieces.


Vincent Van Dough is curating the Series 8 lineup of Fake Rare Pepe art, the latest in the ongoing Fake Rares series of digital trading cards. Each artist contributing to the series takes inspiration from Pepe the Frog and makes reference to elements of crypto culture. These art pieces are immutable digital assets actually created on the Bitcoin blockchain, not Ethereum. In many ways, the first ‘NFT digital assets’ were minted on Bitcoin several years before the term ‘NFT’ went mainstream. People use the Counterparty protocol to mint these digital assets on the Bitcoin blockchain. Then the service Emblem Vault issues a receipt of ownership of the Counterparty asset on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing you to buy these assets in ETH on a marketplace like OpenSea.


Vincent Van Dough is one of the most well-known collectors of NFT art, amassing a collection worth several million dollars over the last year. You can view an online gallery of his work here. The artists Van Dough has brought together are all prominent figures in the NFT art space, with some of the largest followings. This makes the Series 8 Fake Rares collection a combination of both passionate subculture and the broader NFT art movement.

The full list of amazing artists includes Raf Grassetti, Grant Yun, Matt Sczcur, Zaid Kirsey, ACK, Claire Silver, ROBNESS, Matt Kane, Lord Jamie V Shill, Jack Kaido, FourLeafClover, ArchanNair, DaBlockGod, Iputsa, DeeKay, WetPotatoBrain, Crimson Rider, Other World, Mr Hansel, Seerlight, MrHodlPig, Jake, Rey, MigratingLines, Dmitri, Pepenardo, Coit, Kristy Glas, PenPen, Joe Looney, KillerAcid, LoveBeing, SuperTrip64, VeryRareFren, Dim Zayan, Jak, JB, SkifeHam, Sahred Toy, FriendsWithYou, EclecticMethod, Caravaggio, Dangiuz, Fake Annie, Scrilla, Yotet, Coldie, and VVD.