NFT Street and NFC Lisbon

Neustreet hosts NFT Street event in London, the official pre-drink event for Non-Fungible Conference Lisbon 2022.

NFT Street and NFC Lisbon

Last night (March 31), Neustreet hosted 'NFT Street,' the official London pre-drink event for the upcoming Non-Fungible Conference in Lisbon on April 4-5. In a dark corner of Juju's Bar and Stage in East London, we gathered a group of conference attendees, NFT enthusiasts, and other folks looking to learn more about NFTs.

NFC Lisbon is a leading European NFT conference bringing together artists, collectors, and investors from across the global NFT community. We are happy to be an official media partner of the conference and encourage people to follow their social media to stay updated. Also, please reach out to us directly if you will be attending the conference in Lisbon!

For our next event in London, we plan to open up to a broader group of collectors and showcase work from local artists. Stay tuned for more details and let us know if you or your company would like to participate. We will also be scheduling a Neustreet event in Boston over the coming months.

After an extended hiatus from physical events due to Covid, it's a wonderful feeling to connect with people in real life again. See you in Lisbon or at the next Neustreet event around the world!