Logan Paul: Pokémon Card Collector and Collectibles Investor

The latest from Logan Paul - launching Liquid Marketplace that tokenizes collectibles and owning another record breaking Pokémon card.

Logan Paul: Pokémon Card Collector and Collectibles Investor

YouTuber Logan Paul has rapidly become one of the most prominent people in the Collectibles space. Over the last year, Logan created some of the world's biggest Pokémon card box break videos, which helped grow the overall interest in the Pokémon card industry. He spent $3.5 Million on a box of Pokémon cards that turned out to be fake. He wore a first edition Charizard card in his boxing match against Floyd Mayweather. And now he's launching a collectibles marketplace.

Logan Paul has partnered with entrepreneurs Ryan Bahadori and Amin Nikdel to create Liquid Marketplace, a marketplace that takes both physical and digital items and then tokenizes them. Liquid Marketplace will keep these assets in a vault and fractionalize the ownership of each item in the form of an ERC-20 token minted on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform has raised $8 Million and the first collectibles offered include Logan Paul's personal Pokémon cards, a set of basketball cards, and a CryptoPunk NFT.

People can purchase tokens representing a portion of ownership in each asset, giving them access to financial upside and the benefits of being a collector. While it's not explicitly explained on the website, one can imagine that people who send their collectibles to Liquid Marketplace will also receive financial upside from listing them on the market. The company is one out of many collectibles marketplaces that have launched over the last two years. And we expect even further growth in the collectibles industry.

Could Logan Paul provide a unique advantage to Liquid Marketplace vs. their competitors? While the company's success is not guaranteed, having Logan Paul on the team greatly increases their marketing and distribution capabilities. And knowing Logan Paul, he will continue to make news around his love for collectibles.

Last week, Logan acquired a PSA Grade 10 Pikachu Illustrator Card worth $5,275,000 that was certified by the Guinness World Records as the most expensive Pokemon trading card ever sold at a private sale. 39 of these cards were first given out to illustration contest winners in 1998, and Logan's is the only one with a perfect 10 grade. He wore the card as he entered the ring for WWE's Wrestlemania 38 on April 2.