Rarity of Murakami Traits in CloneX NFTs

CloneX NFT metadata helped us better understand the rarity of Murakami Traits in RTFKT x Takashi Murakami CloneX NFTs. Check out the analysis to read our findings.

Rarity of Murakami Traits in CloneX NFTs

RTFKT x Takashi Murakami


While people often look at the commonality of NFT traits, we decided to get into even more detail to examine valuable Murakami traits and determine the frequency of those traits in any individual clone. We looked at the metadata and are able to rank the rarity of every single CloneX NFT in terms of Murakami trait count. Murakami traits refer to the specific traits directly designed or inspired by the artist Takashi Murakami.

How is this analysis different?

Currently, no platform allows you to segment rarity by trait in this exact way. Most sites gauging rarity are looking at statistical rarity, where each specific trait is valued equally. We understand that collectors look for value differently based on different traits, because different traits have different perceived market value. And with CloneX, one of the most significant factors is the occurence of Murakami traits.



Please note data was recorded February 2022

CloneX NFTs Featuring Murakami Traits

7 Murakami Traits = 1
CloneX #5 - (owned by ClegFX)
6 Murakami Traits = 6
CloneX #2 - (owned by Murakami), CloneX #3 - (owned by Murakami), CloneX #4 - (owned by Benoit), CloneX# 13134 - (owned by FT3azlCollection), CloneX #6 - (owned by Zaptio), CloneX #7
5 Murakami Traits = 11
CloneX #1540, CloneX #16646, CloneX #15920, CloneX #11946, CloneX #16891, CloneX #16192, CloneX #10086, CloneX #3761, CloneX #353, CloneX #4594, CloneX #15379
4 Murakami Traits = 75
3 Murakami Traits = 397
2 Murakami Traits = 1167
1 Murakami Traits = 1246
0 Murakami Traits = 15,965

Specific CloneX Examples

Six Murakami Trait CloneX = CloneX#13134 last sold for 368 ETH ($1.1M at today’s price)
Five Murakami Trait CloneX = CloneX #4594 last sold for 450 ETH ($1.4M at today’s price)
Four Murakami Trait CloneX = CloneX #19902
Three Murakami Trait CloneX = CloneX #17413
Two Murakami Trait CloneX = CloneX #5824
One Murakami Trait CloneX = CloneX #10013

Why is this important?

Murakami traits are one of the most deterministic factors in the rarity of a CloneX and by having a more accurate understanding of the distribution of Murakami traits, we can better understand the rarity of every single CloneX NFT. Some might postulate that the more rare the CloneX NFT based on Murakami traits, the more valuable the underlying NFT.


Methodology, in Brief

We pulled metadata from OpenSea to identify all NFTs with Type: Murakami Drip. Clones that were Type: Murakami Drip have any number of specific Murakami Traits, which we identified as traits. Traits exclusive to clones with Type: MURAKAMI DRIP were identified as being ‘Murakami traits,’ with the exceptions of Type: MURAKAMI DRIP, Type: ARTIST EDITION, and Jewelry: WGLD VVS CLSP.”

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